Welcome to Rice Palace

Family Restaurant
Rice Palace is cajun style family restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is served until 11 am. Our lunch buffet is open Sunday through Friday. Seafood is served on the buffet Friday at lunch and at dinner. We also offer a children's menu, as well as a full menu. Please check out our daily specials page for a listing of our daily food specials and drink specials. A Banquet room is available for your company meetings or parties!

Truck Stop Travel Plaza
**See below for Convenience Store Specials!
Our convenience store offers cell phone and phone minutes. Our fuel station accepts Fuelman, Comdata, EFS, TCH, T-Check, Multi Serve, Transplatinum, Fleet One, and CFN fuel services. Alongside is a trucker's lounge that includes a load board and Tv. We also offer wireless internet access (password required). Showers and Laundry facility is available for your convenience. Western Union and Money Gram money orders are available as well as an assortment of auto/trucker supplies.

Las Vegas Style Video Poker Casino
During your stay at Rice Palace, you may want to take your chances at our Las Vegas style
casino. With 50 video poker machines, your chances at winning are high! Try your luck at the cash giveaway drawings!  Must be 21 to enter. ATM is available.

See below for Convenience Store Specials!

Truckstop Conveinence store has alot of services offered such as Western Union, ATM, Louisiana Fishing and Hunting Licenses, prepaid phone minutes, money orders, clean restrooms and showers.

We serve Breakfast items starting at 4 am - biscuits (plain, egg and cheese, or meat, egg, and cheese), french toast sticks, and breakfast corn dogs.

 Noon- Rice Palace Fried chicken, BBQ Burgers, Boudin, Potato wedges, and Fried Fish on Fridays.

Coming Soon!!!
New fountain flavors
New Slush Puppies
Variety of Community Coffee flavors & cappuccino
New liquid creamer bar

We accept all major credit cards, also Comdata, Tcheck, EFS, Transplatium, Fleet one, CFN, Fuelman, Wright Express, and Voyager.

We offer our any size fountain cup .99!

We have a full line of automotive/ trucker supplies, along with snacks, water, Ice, etc.